Business Editing

Business Editing

Effective communication in business is very important. When your communication is good, your image as a company is good. That is where a professional editor can help. Errors and omissions in any writing — letters, newsletters and reports — can diminish your company’s image and jeopardize your credibility. Meticulous language, on the other hand, reflects the scrupulous care you provide to clients and customers. Business editing can make or break an opportunity.

Convey credibility. Our Rates are between 18- 26 cents per word.

If you’re in business, you have worked hard to be recognized as knowledgeable and professional in your field. Your marketing materials are designed to convey an image that will gain the trust of your customers and tell them that you know what you’re doing. Simple spelling errors, inconsistent facts and faulty grammar reflect on the quality of the work you do – shoddy language translates into shoddy work, or tells readers that inaccuracies and mistakes don’t really matter to you

  • Newsletters
  • Training manuals
  • Annual reports
  • Website content writing/rewriting

We provide the following services:

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